Education Profile

Day Care Centers

One hundred and twenty four (124) Day Care Centers are scattered in sixteen (16) barangays of Parañaque with one hundred and thirty four (129) Day Care Workers. The City Government employs one hundred and eleven (104) Day Care Workers and twenty five (25) Day Care Workers funded by the barangays. Out of one hundred thirty four (129) Day Care Workers, seventy one (71) are accredited and sixty three (58) are non – accredited Day Care Workers. There are more female Day Care Workers. For CY 2013 – 2014, the total enrolment in all the day care centers grows to 10,420. With 2 or 3 sessions in each Day Care Center, the average class accommodates 40 pupils per session.

Elementary Schools

Twenty one (21) public elementary schools cater the formal education of children from six to twelve years old. Three (3) public elementary schools are situated in Barangay Baclaran, Barangay Tambo and Barangay San Dionisio, while Barangay BF and Barangay Moonwalk have two (2) public elem. schools each. Other Barangays like Don Galo, Don Bosco, Sto. Nino, Sun Valley, San Antonio and Vitalez have one (1) elementary school each in their barangay. The new San Antonio Elem School – Silverio Compound Annex in Barangay San Isidro, while Merville, Marcelo Green and San Martin de Porres have no elementary school in their barangay. Sixty six (66) private schools suffice the need of elementary education of children especially in barangays with no public school. Barangay San Isidro has ten (10) private schools, Barangay Don Bosco has nine (9), Barangay San Antonio has eight (8), Barangay Sun Valley and Barangay Moonwalk have both seven (7) private schools.

High Schools

The City has ten (10) public high schools. Six (6) public high school are situated in District I and four (4) are located in District II. Paranaque National High School – Main remains the highest in enrolment 12,420 for school year 2013- 2014. Thirty three (33) private high schools are also found in Paranaque. Barangay Don Bosco has the most number of private high schools, eight (8). While Barangay San Antonio has five (5) private schools and Barangay San Dionisio and Barangay Sun Valley have both Four (4) private high schools.

Performance Indicators

For School Year 2013 – 2014, the total enrolment in the city’s public elementary schools is 57,458 pupils. This includes the preschool enrolment of 6,519 and 357 SPED pupils. From the total enrolment, 33,038 or 57.5% are male and 24,420 or 42.5% are female. Meanwhile, the total public high schools enrolment is 32,472 students. With this total enrolment, 16,072 or 49.5 % are male and 16,400 or 50.5 % are female. This school year, the private schools submitted a total of 6,133 for elementary enrolment and 5,620 for high school enrolment. Public Elementary School Completion Rate for SY 2012-2013 is 74.95 % which means seven (7) out of ten (10) who enrolled in grade I completed grade VI. Females have higher completion rate, 80. 73 % while the males have 69.84 % completion rate. Drop-out Rate recorded 0.32 % for school year 2012-2013. Males have higher dropped out rate, 0.44% while the females have 0. 18 % dropped out rate. Secondary School Completion Rate is 67.28 % which means only six (6) out of ten who enrolled in first year completed fourth year. Females have higher completion rate, 73.56% while the males have 61.18% completion rate. The average Drop-out Rate was recorded 0.66 % for School year 2012- 2013. Males have a higher dropped out , 0.75% while the females have 0.56% dropped out. Tertiary education is being served by fourteen (14) private schools and one (1) public college, the Parañaque City College of Science and Technology.