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Barangay Tambo is primarily a residential, then a commercial community. Most of the commercial establishments and manufacturing companies are located along Quirino Avenue, MIA Rd, Roxas Blvd., Macapagal Avenue and Aseana City where soon to rise Entertainment City. These include Uniwide Coastal Mall, Pearl Plaza, Sony Warehouse, and Asia Brewery warehouse. There are also various restaurants, brokerages, commercial banks, gasoline stations, clinic and burger stands. This once grassy place has turned out to be a center of progress, maybe because of its proximity to such important hubs as Metro Manila's airports. Almost all business establishments are eyeing Tambo as one prime location where business can be really visible. This place will be known more because of the Boulevard 2000 project of the government in the reclaimed coastal area and now soon to rise Entertainment City. One of the attraction in this barangay is the ROLIGON Mega-Cockpit, which is considered the most modern and biggest cockpit in Asia. No wonder, people from other places and provinces even the curious foreigners visit the place. However, nature still maintains her own reserve at the Tambo mangroves located by the bay. Throughout the year, hundreds of bird species from all over the Asia-Pacific region are seen seeking sanctuary in this exclusive zone. The hotel nearest to Metro Manila's airports, the Nichols Hotel is located in Tambo, as is Camp Claudio, a large housing community of Navy personnel. The appropriate distribution of the living conditions or status of the families are: poor families - 35%; middle income families - 60%; and rich families - 5%. Most residents are Roman Catholics, but a relatively large sector of the population are Protestants, followed by members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo and Born-Again Christians. There are also a significant number of Muslims in the barangay. Community activities revolve around religious celebrations, particularly during the Holy Week and the Yuletide season. Tambo traditional become alive with colorful lanterns (parols) in the daytime and with multitude of Christmas lights at night.


One of the original barrio in Parañaque was named after the TAMBO, a tall grass belonging to bamboo family. It is collected and tied to a long handle to produce a broom. Tambo grows abundantly in the place that anyone who needs a “walis” may easily have one. From then on, the place has been called TAMBO. Local folks started building houses there and when it became densely populated not even a stalk of the tall grasses remain.


Envisions acquiring appropriate measures to have peaceful, healthy and progressive barangay in global civilization, and unified constituents who have fear in the Lord.


Barangay Tambo will establish cognizant and cohesive team in performing activities for the development of man and inhabitable community.